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loaded with moe


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In 1970 Moe Tucker left VU to birth her daughter Kerry. This kept her from recording on their fourth studio album ‘Loaded.’ Moe drumming is as much of a trademark to VU’s first 3 studio albums as anything. So then we get Loaded; a masterpiece, full of nuance awkward to the first 3 albums. While we will never know the outcome of a studio Loaded with Moe we have this; a collection of demos and early versions of Loaded songs with Moe. All are covered here besides ‘Who Loves the Sun’ which has been replaced with ‘Ride Into the Sun’ which was recorded and not used in the Loaded sessions. Who Loves the Sun’s recording on Loaded is something Lou was critical of, pointing fingers at Doug Yule. So it could be very possible that the song was never worked on or cared about pre session? Still given the amount of recordings we have access to it’s hard to believe a version with Lou and Moe isn’t out there? Anyway, here it is; the best versions of the songs on Loaded out there, featuring our hero Moe Tucker.